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ABIB is a group of forward thinking businesses/individuals who are dedicated to the survival of the Motor Repair Industry across the 
UK. We aim to work along side the major insurance companies in the UK to create a fairer industry where fair market competition is respected and adhered to. The only way to solve these problems in our industry, we must engage with ALL in Our Repair Industry

Communities & local businesses are like insurance companies & brokers. Generally you can’t have one without the other. What we are witnessing in our repair industry is the ostracism of local bodyshops from their local community by insurance companies who only deal with their nominated contracted garages on their networks that are normally outside of our communities. What this leads to is lack of competition between body shops and lack of choice for the community. For years in the repair industry we have been saying “It’s your legal right to take your car to any bodyshop of your choice. It’s your car after all.” Why? Because it’s the truth!



The fact is the majority of people call their insurers directly after a car accident. The insurance company then offers to recover the car to their local “recommended repairer.” If the owner then wishes for his vehicle to be repaired at a garage of his choice, the insurance company will start to put its walls up. Threatening admin charges, additional excess payments, storage of the vehicle & inherited charges. What would you do in the face of these giants? After all you only want your car repaired. You thought you had paid your insurance premium and no further costs would be applicable and here you are staring at a bill with your name on it and with a price for making your own choice as to which repairer you wish your vehicle to be repaired at. 



This will benefit local bodyshops, the community & policyholders b
y helping the community to make a cost free choice of their own where their vehicle is to be repaired. 

Three reasons:


  1. Contracted repairers will repair the vehicle in the insurers’ best interest. The communities’ repairers will repair the vehicle to the policyholders’ best interest.
  2. The insurance engineers would have to fight for the insurance companies interests and the repairer would have to fight for their business & customers best interests.
  3. Lower comeback rates among repairers of policyholders' choice because they are happier to have the freedom to choose.


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